Motorhead - Kiss Of Death (2008)

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Label: Sanctuary    Ref#: ?-0058
Date: 28.1.2008   Category:  
Length: 0:00    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    


What you see is what you get with Motorhead. When what you get is as good as Kiss of Death you will be begging for more. Motorhead has honed their attack to its essential elements. Every ounce of fat has been trimmed away. The band can be accused of repetition. They can also completely destroy everything in sight. The first five tracks on Kiss of Death are so commanding the record could have ended there.


1.   Sucker  
2.   One Night Stand  
3.   Devil I Know  
4.   Trigger  
5.   Under the Gun  
6.   God Was Never on Your Side  
7.   Living in the Past  
8.   Christine  
9.   Sword of Glory  
10.   Be My Baby  
11.   Kingdom of the Worm  
12.   Going Down  
13.   R.A.M.O.N.E.S.