Hawkwind - Weird Tapes 1: Sonic Assassins (2001)

Album details

Label: Hawkwind UK    Ref#: ?-0008
Date: 9.10.2001   Category:  
Length: 0:00    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    


Remastered reissue of early 80s limited edition compilation for the British rock institution. Authorized & overseen by original founding member Dave Brock. Featuring five live tracks recorded at Queen's Hall, Barnstaple, Devon on December 24, 1977 with Bob Calvert on vocals, another recorded at Rockfield Studio in March 1979 with Harvey Bainbridge on bass & the remaining five tracks were for a Dave Brock solo album on which he plays all instruments. Hawkwind. 2000.


1.   Over The Top  
2.   Magnu  
3.   Angels Of Life  
4.   FreeFall  
5.   Death Trap  
6.   Nuclear Toy  
7.   Who's Gonna Win The War  
8.   The Dream 1  
9.   Assassination  
10.   The Dream 2  
11.   Satellite