Hawkwind - The Collectors Series, Vol. 2: Live 1982 (2000)

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Label: Alliance    Ref#: ?-0003
Date: 21.3.2000   Category:  
Length: 0:00    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    


Two CD live release from the legendary Space Rock band. The early '80s saw Hawkwind signed to RCA, Three albums were released, of which Choose Your Masques was the most successful. Whilst the band had gone through another lineup change, the core of Dave Brock, Huw Lloyd - Langton and Harvey Bainbridge saw their date sheet as full as ever. This double disc is a recording o a complete show with a full color booklet, which is a faithful reproduction of the tour program. Hawk Records.


1.   Choose Your Masques  
2.   Coded Languages  
3.   Magnu  
4.   Dust Of Time  
5.   Warriors At The Edge Of Time  
6.   Waiting For Tomorrow  
7.   Angels Of Death  
8.   Psychedelic Warrior  
9.   Utopia  
10.   Social Alliance  
11.   Arrival in Utopia  
12.   Soitary Minds Games  
13.   Dream Worker  
14.   Brainstorm  
15.   Ejection  
16.   Shot Down In The Night  
17.   Masters Of The Universe