Angelo Badalamenti - Soundtrack From Twin Peaks (1990)

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Label: Warner Bros.    Ref#: ?-0053
Date: 31.8.1990   Category:  
Length: 0:00    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    


Fabulous soundtrack for David Lynch's subversive TV soap opera, music by Angelo Badalamenti also features Julee Cruise


1.   Twin Peaks Theme  
2.   Laura Palmer's Theme  
3.   Audrey's Dance  
4.   The Nightingale - Julee Cruise  
5.   Freshly Squeezed  
6.   The Bookhouse Boys  
7.   Into The Night - Julee Cruise  
8.   Night Life In Twin Peaks  
9.   Dance Of The Dream Man  
10.   Love Theme from Twin Peaks  
11.   Falling - Julee Cruise