Hawkwind - Blood Of The Earth (2010)

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Label: Plastic Head Distribution    Ref#: ?-0014
Date: 1.1.2010   Category:  
Length: 0:00    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    


The pioneers of space rock return with their eagerly awaited, stunning new album. Blood of the Earth is the bands first new recording in five years. In signature Hawkwind fashion, the Blood of the Earth takes the listener on a journey through the band's now classic mix of rock, doom driven poetry, whimsical mantras and imaginative opera. Hawkwind's mark on rock spans both decades and genres. Psychedlic 60's and hard rock 70's, the band's line-up has included Nick Turner, Robert Calvert, Simon House, Ginger Baker, Lemmy Kilmister, Alan Davey and leader/founder Dave Brock. The English band have influenced decades of highly respected musicians including Al Jourgensen (Ministry) and Henry Rollins (Black Flag). Their songs have been covered by artist large and small. The band have often been cited as the precursor to England's immensely popular punk scene.


1.   Seahawks  
2.   Blood of the Earth  
3.   Wraith  
4.   Green Machine  
5.   Inner Visions  
6.   Sweet Obsession  
7.   Comfey Chair  
8.   Prometheus  
9.   You'd better Believe it  
10.   Sentinel  
11.   Starshine (Bonus Track)