The British 1945 No. 7 Mk I Jungle Carbine Bayonet, with swivel top & Scabbard for a Mk I (Land) Rifle No 4, also used on the Sten Machine Gun Mk 5 & the EM2 assault rifle .280 Caliber.

A British bayonet introduced on a limited scale in 1946, but only the Guards Units in the British army had these bayonets for mainly ceremonial purposes. Few other selected units ever received it.

The blade is that of the No 5 Rifle Bayonet and the No 5 crosspiece was used without alteration, although its purpose was not to support the bayonet on the rifle, owing to the fact that the rifle barrel did not protrude past the pommel socket. The large diameter muzzle ring of the crosspiece permitted passage of the bullet through it and ensured that stock components could be used wherever possible. The Swivelling pommel is a unique feature to this bayonet.

The color of the fibre glass handle is either a "Maroon" version or "Black". The purpose of this is that the bayonet can also be used as a trench dagger of sorts. The pommel can be locked down by a catch on the back of the hilt.