M1 Carbine (USA)




M5-1 from JD Tools, VP CO M8A1 scabbard.


Imperial M5 in Victory Plastics M8A1 scabbard.

Imperial M5A1 in PWH M8A1 scabbard.


Milpar M5A1 in xxx M8A1 scabbard.

The M5 bayonet was produced by AERIAL, J & D TOOL CO., IMPERIAL, UTICA & MILPAR COL. to fit the M1 carbine. It has a shorter blade length being 6 5/8". This bayonet will fit only the M1 Garand. There is a stud on the bayonet that fits the gas cylinder lock screw on the end of the Garand Rifle; making it the only U.S. bayonet without a barrel ring on the hilt. On the Hilt is listed M5, M5-1, M5A1 and the manufacturer's name. This bayonet was not used during the Korean War, manufactured late in 1953.

2N Bayonet Collection