WWI shortened 1871 and 1871/87 bayonets. Short and long spring, wooden or composite handle, bright or blued.

This is a originally a sword bayonet used from the period 1871 into WWII (with modifications) and was originally designed to fit the Italian Model 1870 Vetterli Bolt-Action Single-Shot Infantry Rifle. This variant model was probably shortened about the time of the adoption of the Vitali box-magazine conversions of the Vetterli Rifle, thus becoming the Vetterli-Vitali 1870/87 and the bayonets 1871/87; it has also been suggested that these were shortened about the time of the Spanish Civil War (1936-38).

There are a number of variations including two distinct shorthened blade lengths: 12" and 9". The 1871/87 - as with the original full-length Model 1871 - was equipped with composition grips. The 1871/87/16 was equipped with wood grips. This modification - from composition to wood - aparently occurred sometime during WWI. All models have a steel pommel, crossguard, and blade. The scabbards are shortened originals, being brass-mounted black leather.

Brescia, long spring, composite

Long spring, wooden

Scabbard not shortened, labeled 1935