Copy of MAS36 bayonet for FG-42 Paratrooper rifle (10.000 made)

Shortened MAS36

1st German

2nd German

Well done fake.

+Forged, not machined.

+-Most measurement correct or nearly correct.

-Total lenght is 2mm too long (267mm vs. official 265mm)

-handle end missing.

-FG42 bayonets have no markings.

-Blade too short, 180mm vs 190mm

-Lockers are spaced as in MAS-36 bayonet, they should be nearer each other.

-Handle is a bit too thin, 13.5mm vs 14mm

-It was sold in a german e-auction as 3-day "unknown bayonet", and most bidders stopped at around 50 E.

-Most likely MAS-36 bayonet machined to look like a FG-42 bayonet.

French markings, dont think this is a real deal.

Chequered grip.

Obvious fake: 6 mm too long and machined instead of forged.