2N Bayonet Collection


Stoner Model KCB Bayonet designed originally for the Stoner 63 Assault rifle. The Stoner 63 was exported primarily to the Netherlands. The bayonet was a joint project of Eickhorn and the Dutch firm of "NWM" The wire cutter blade is used in conjunction with the scabbard. This bayonet was also designed for the M16 rifle and given Eickhorn's number CE 9110. The mark on the blade is the Eickhorn "Squirrel". The bayonet fits all Colt's AR-15 Style rifles with a bayonet lug and also the Armalite AR-180's.


M1, made by Eickhorn and NWS for Holland.




Prototype bayonet for M1 Carbine.

Bill Porter: "German KCB-70 M4 Bayonet is one of the scarcer of the M1 Carbine bayonets. In 1970, the German firm of Carl Eickhorn Waffenfabrik AG (Eickhorn) in conjunction with the Dutch firm, Nederlandsche Wapen en Munitfabriet N.V. (N.W.M.) developed a new bayonet system for the U.S. Stoner assault rifle. The bayonet was copied from the Soviet wire-cutter bayonets. This bayonet was designated the KCB-70 M1.

They also made prototype bayonets for the Belgian FN-FAL (KCB-70 M2) and the H&K G3 assault rifle (KCB-70 M3). A

Although it is not documented in any book I’ve seen, I believe the featured bayonet is a KCB-70 M4. The blade, grip, pommel and scabbard are identical to the other KCB-70 bayonets. The blade is flat, bowie pointed with a serrated top edge. The Eickhorn squirrel logo is stamped on the left side of the blade. The grip is made of a hard black plastic. These grips are extremely brittle and many of the KCB-70 M1 bayonets I have seen have cracked plastic. This M4 has a hairline crack just behind the crossguard. There is a plastic screw that goes crossways through the grip securing it to the blade tang. A single screw in the butt end retains the pommel. The scabbard is made from the same hard black plastic. It is equipped with an attachment at the bottom end that is used in conjunction with the bayonet to form a shear-type wire cutter. The plastic scabbard body has a protruding ring near the bottom to act as a stop, preventing the user’s hand from sliding down into the cutting area. This bayonet required an adapter for use on the M1 Carbine. Unfortunately, the adapter was separated from the bayonet and was not located.

Prototype bayonet for FN/FAL

Original G3 adapter

Very rare prototype of a KCB-70 bayonet for G3 rifle. According to Kiesling, only 30 were ever made.

The one pictured in the book of J.A. Maddox ("Collecting Bayonets", 2006) has shining finish like the early KCB70M1. This one has dull finish like the later M1, and is totally unmarked.  

Later item without NWM-logo and a different type of squirrel logo.