2N Bayonet Collection


Mid-Late 70's

Eickhorn went bankrupt in the mid-1970's. One of the firm’s assets that was sold was their trademark. It was acquired by a German firm named GMS. They manufactured these bayonets and a G3 bayonet, both bearing the squirrel trademark that is often attributed to Eickhorn. (Eickhorn did reacquire their trademark several years later.)

These bayonets resemble the Eickhorn KCB-70 -bayonets. The black plastic grip is made from a different, less brittle plastic than the Eickhorn bayonet. The grip has a slight swell in the middle.

The biggest difference between these bayoneta and the Eickhorn is the wire cutter attachment at the bottom of the scabbard. Even though Eickhorn was bankrupt, they still held the patent to the wire cutter system that was used on their bayonets. GMS had to design a different wire cutter assembly to use with their bayonets. The plastic body looks like it could have been made in the same mold as the original scabbards. The green cotton webbing is made so it can be removed from a belt by unsnapping and opening the loop of the frog.


Squirrel-marked GMS M16.



Unmarked GMS G3 made by the firm of GMS in the late 1970's. It fits on the G3 rifle without any sort of adaptor, and its cutter plate fits around the scabbards tip.

 A number of these were purchased by the Greek army.