M7's made for Colt

M7 Bayonets made for Colt.

US-made M7 Colt bayonets

Universal Industries

First Colt M7 bayonets were made by Universal Industries in 1961-62, about 20.000 were made. Green plastic handle.

Two variations:

-Colts PT FA MFG.CO HARTFORD CT USA (poss. prototype?)

-Colt's 62082 LOGO Armalite


Imperial made 30.000 Colt M7's. Blade is marked by a circle with a horse inside and Colt's 62316 Hartford, Conn. U.S.A. next to it. U.S. M7 marked under handle. Guard is marked only US M7, scabbard is M8A1 w/o maker markings, but crinkled surface.


Milpar made unknown number of Colt bayonets. Scabbards were standard M8A1's.

German made M7 Colt-bayonets

The early Colt contract Eickhorn's M7's from 1975-76 are the ones with the standard 2 piece handle held on with two screws of which approximately 80,000 were produced.

Half-guard (Logo & text)

Half crossguard Colt marked M7's were made to fit the M-16, G3, and HK33 rifles. They were first military issue and when Eickhorn fell on hard times produced commercial versions from stock materials for the collector market. Two blade variations: straight and curved. With and without the text "Made in W-Germany"

Most common type.

Blade cut is straight as in USGI standards.

Logo & text, 2 screw handle

With the text "Made in W-Germany"

Logo & text, one piece handle

With the text "Made in W-Germany"

Logo only

Colt logo and "Made in Germany" etched to blade.

Logo and text etched, one piece handle.

Final model is a one piece handle version (with XX thru handle),"COLT'S 62316 HARTFORD CONN USA" etched, not stamped, on the blade. No markings on guard.

This was likely produced around 2000-01 right before Eickhorn's last bankruptcy, for collectors.