2N Bayonet Collection




KCB-77 M1-type bayonet. Featured in AES catalogues (1996)

KCB-77 CS-type knife version. NOT featured in AES catalogues (1996).

This bayonet is a variation of Eickhorn’s KCB Series of bayonets. In 1986 Eickhorn submitted an improved KCB 77 bayonet to the US Army bayonet trials for the new M9 bayonet. Eickhorn, as we all know, was not successful in obtaining the M9 bayonet contract. They felt that their product was superior to the winning design and the box for the AES M9 bayonet says "the genuine and better M9".

AES M9 has a neon indicator light in the grip that alerts the user to an electrical charge in a wire they may be cutting. A decal on the grip states that it is NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) and Fungus resistant. The blade is also a standard Eickhorn pattern with a saw back and clip point. The lower end of the crossguard is bent at a right angle to act as a bottle opener. The pommel is retained by a singe Phillips head screw. The upgraded model has what Eickhorn calls a pressure lubrification system.

The plastic scabbard is considerably longer than the bayonet blade. This is to provide greater leverage when used in conjunction with the bayonet blade as a wire cutter. Both scabbards are equipped with a plastic cover for the wire cutter assembly on the end of the scabbard. The upgraded scabbard has a spring tension adjustment knob on the face of the scabbard allowing the user to practically lock the bayonet in the scabbard. It also has an additional screw near the wire cutter assembly that is an adjustment screw to keep the bayonet blade tight to the cutter plate. The top end of the upgraded scabbard has 5 ribs to provide a better grip for use as a wire cutter. Both scabbards have a sapphire impregnated sharpener on the back side of the scabbard body near the mouth.

These bayonets were available on the US commercial market back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.