During the WW2 Bulgarian Royal Army was supplied with all kind of military equipment by its allies Germany and Austria. After the war all German bayonets Mauser K98 were remade in this new model 1953 Bulgarian combat knifes K98. Some knifes are even stamped with Waffenampt mark.

Initialy in the 50 's they were produced only for the use of the Military High School. After that, during the 70's, this model was used by the other army units in extremey limited quantity - only on barracks duty. Àt the beginning of the 80's they were replaced by the AK 47 bayonets. There are known two different types of this combat knife: with leather scabbard and with chrome - plated scabbard made especially for the Military High School.

Scabbard stamped 1955

Military High School

Post-WW2 to 80's