Polish AK-47 bayonet, manufactured 1958 at Radom arsenal.

Another AK-47 bayonet, from second batch manufactured 1970 at Radom arsenal.

Year and arsenal markings are on opposite sides compared to 1958.

The first Polish AK47 bayos were made in 1957 (less than a 100 were made that year). They are  marked differently than the subsequent production, the date "1957" and Radom Arsenal "11" in oval are stamped on the same side of the handle (crossguard). One example is known to me (ser. # A 000006).

Last production year seen is 1974 (bulk of the total was made in 1958, the ones dated 1970 and 1974 are scarce).

In 1995 "Lucznik" (ex Radom Factory) produced a small number of commemorative AKM bayos for 75th anniv. of the factory. They are non functional, have a commemorative cartouche on the blade and chromed scabbard"