Polish Special Troops (KS = Kompania Specjalna) Combat Knife from 1991. KS-62 was constructed by E. Pasiek and J. Grzybowski for use by special forces. The name KS-62 stands for "Kompania Specjalna - 62" - 62nd Assault Company because the knife was based on their experiences. The knife is optimized for special operations and stands up well to throwing, stabbing, puncturing fuel tanks and over diversionary activities. The best throwing results are achieved from distances of 3-4 or 7-9 meters.

Originales Kampfmesser KS-62 (KS = Kompania Specjalna) der polnische Special Eineiten . Siehe bitte beschreibung hier http://www.greendevils.pl/technika_wojskowa/technika/ks62/ks62.html Stahlgriff auschraubar . Selten.

During testing, KS-62 was thrown over 3000 times without any malfunctions. The blade comes in two models - single edge (picture above) and double - dagger blade. The blades are interchangeable since they are screwed into the handle. The sheath also comes in two versions - leather and synthetic. The synthetic model fits into a special pocket on the right trouser leg of standard Polish army uniform (U-eS) for quick access. The synthetic sheath can also be easily strapped to an arm or a leg using the straps provided.