1st Pattern (mortise marked)

2nd Pattern (guard marked)

3rd Pattern (handle marked)

4th Pattern (grip slope marked)

Early Izhevsk bayonet in Tula scabbard. Arsenal mark engraved to mortise, as in AKM-47 bayonets.

Arsenal repaired: original serial no. has been removed, and a new matching one engraved. Handle crudely cleaned, guard and pommel repainted.

4th Pattern variant with re-designed pommel

Tula1st pattern (Mortise marked)

Tula 2nd pattern (Guard marked)

Arsenal reworked 1st pattern Tula 6x4 in Tula scabbard.

Tula 3rdt pattern (Handle marked)

Guard marked Izhevski bayonet. Misnumbered Izhevski scabbard with arabic numerals and East German frog. Found in a destroyed Republican Guard BMP in Iraq.

Izhevsk arsenal mark in bayonet handle.



Markings on the right side. Afgan pickup, right handle marked Tula bayonet in Tula scabbard. Numbers dont match.

Markings on the left side.

Markings on the left slope.