1st model

2nd model

Later model with bowie blade.

Looks like normal Ak-47 bayonet, star on guard.

One of the rarest versions of AK-47 is probably Type 58 AK-47 used by North Koreans. Type 58 infantry rifle (O-Sip-Pal-Sik-Bo-Chong: pronunciation) is now almost entirely retired from active service and para-military organizations are using them. North Korean Army uses Type 88 (AK-74's North Korean copy) as their primary infantry weapon.

I heard one of the NK 58 rifle was sold at $28,000 in the U.S.market. The rifle is probably only for extreme collectors. The identical point is the Korean characters in receiver. The selector has Korean character indicates semi and auto.

The funny fact is there is no safe mode in type 58.