Alleged vietnamese AK-bayonets in East-German scabbards.  Same color bayonets are always in same scabbards, also handle numbers are same in same color bayonets.


” After the end of the GDR to a surplus army bayonet scabbars was present. Since it was difficult for them to find a buyer for the bayonet scabbards. A company in Germany designed a new bayonet that fitted to the bayonet scabbards. A partner in the Netherlands is to have the production Incorporated. The new bayonet was manufactured and designed by the German company in North Vietnam. The stamp on the bayonets have no meaning. In Germany, the bayonets then scabbars with the NVA in the GDR were provided.All parts should be on the bayonet own fabrications, and not by the East German NVA.Of each color variation. So brown and black handle grip produced 2000 pieces.And sold by the company in Germany. So is there a Vietnam bayonet production. The NVA is scabbart but from DDR production. Here is the Internetadress from the German company. This Company has build the bayonets in Korea. In Germany they come in NVA Scabbars. (www) . (cds-ehrenreich) . (de) it produced a total of about 4000 pieces. That's not very much. These bayonets are determined to rise sometime in the price. From my research, these were originally a loose military contract that went sour. So, the bayonets wound up for commercial sale.”