Socket bayonet. For the chamber loading rifle m/1864, designed by Hagström[6] and m/1864-68. Browned or polished.

In 23/1 1864 there was an order to rebuild 4000 m/1860 according to m/1864 design. In 9/2 it was decided that all m/1860 should be rebuilt. m/1864 was approved in 27/7 1864. In 1867 there was 14886 of m/1864. 1/5 1867 there was circa 30000 m/1860 - m/1864 In 18/11 1868 a variation m/1864-68 was decided. They should be adapted to the Remington mechanism. The bayonets are stamped 1869 (1868 ?) and the `Carl Gustaf Stad' stamp (crowned `C'). The fuller starts circa 150 mm from the shank. Only 800 were manufactured.


Chamber loading rifle m/1864