m/1867 In 8'th of May 1867 a rifle with Remington mechanism was approved by the Swedish and Norwegian infantry.

The calibre was 12.17 mm (the same as rifle m/1860) since the Swedes had more than 30,000 rifles m/1860 and m/1864 in storage, even though a calibre of about 10 mm was superior ! 10,000 rifles and 20,000 mechanisms was bought from Remington & Sons in 1867. Machines for own manufacturing was bought as well.

Two bayonets models was approved with this rifle, a socket and a sword bayonet.

There are 8 different models of m/1867 rifle, 5 new and 3 modifications from breechloaders and chamber loaders: m/1867 m/1867-68 m/1867-74 m/1867 Remington made m/1867 with Remington made locking mechanism m/1860-67 (bayonet m/1860) m/1860-64-68 (bayonet m/1864) m/1864-68 (bayonet m/1864-68)

There are basically three different makers of the bayonet, Husqsvarna, Carl Gustaf Stad and Remington. The basic differences (apart from the marking !) is that the Husqvarna bayonet normally is browned, the Carl Gustaf Stad bayonet is usually blued and the Remington bayonet is made with the socket in a separate material. For Carl Gustaf Stad, Eskilstuna Jernmanufactur was one of the subcontractors (anchor mark on the blade)

m1867 rifle with Remington mechanism