First generation CSZ E(lion)24 Brno bayonet withs K M ZI(lion)29 scabbard. Bayonet has a non-standard false edge.



Blued E(lion)48 in E(lion)46 scabbard.

NOTE: "tgf" East German Bayonet with Metal Scabard was made in the late 1940's to early 1950's. The blade

   The top of the handle is marked "tgf." The metal

   Scabard is marked "tgf E95 50." The marking "TGF" (usually marked in Lower case,

   "tgf") represents the German "Tschekisches gewehr Fabrik" (or "Czech Rifle Factory"), a mark used on the Rifles

 and Bayonets supplied to the East German administration in the late 1940's to

  early 1950's.