This knife is m51 fighting knife based on russian f. knifes.. It was used by officers and special forces (paratroopers,diversants..) with rifles without bayonets (mostly SMGs). It was in use until early 70s.. Then all this knife was removed from army and introduced in TO (teritorijalna obrana - local defence forces ,something like national guard in USA, they had old weapons that army removed from service, like ppsh, k98 (m48), mp40 and others). It was used in war in Slovenia when Yugo army attacked Slovenian TO and its police forces.. conflict last for about one month,and resulted with independence of Slovenia. Many of these knifes was introduced in service once again then. Later some of these were used in conflicts in Croatia and Bosnia.

It is a parade bayonete and have been used by JNA "Garda" (Tito's personal security) units during 1973 and 1974 in few hundred peaces. In 1974 it was replaced with standard yugo m70 bayonet. Later in 1977 they were in free sale for civilians in Crvena Zastava hunting shops.

Comparison model

Second type. Non-beaked handle, low guard slope.

Basic Zastava, peaked handle with steep guard slope.