2N Bayonet Collection


Export bayonet of Eickhorn-Solingen.

KCB77 bayonet models have either OD or black handles and/or scabbards, with or wo bottle-openers.ES Codes




Kar 98K bayonets manufactured for Saudi-Arabia, during Operation Desert Storm. Bayonet was manufactured in 1989 for use on bolt action Gew98 Mauser’s by Saudi reserve and militia troops.

Variants: Yellow belt hook assembly (Saudi contract), Standard Olive Drab handle & scabbard.

These models do not exist.  

Variation with AES stamp and bottle opener.

For SIG ST 510/4

 KCB-77M6 FN

For Belgian Mauser rifle (fits K98). Only ones I have ever seen.

Fabrique Nationale logo and serial number, 1st of series. GK might mean ”German KAR98” or not.

CK variation, no cutter or sawteeth..

Sawteeth variation.

(Same auction had 4th variation: no cutter but with sawteeth. Unfortunately I did not win it.)


for Kalashnikov AK-47, AK-74. Should be called M7/P, as this chromed parade version is the only one.