During the First World War, Germany made a vast quantity of bayonets which have been referred to as Emergency Bayonets. All-steel Bayonets, or Ersatz Bayonets. It is believed that the term "Ersatz" was not used in connection with bayonets until after the end of the war, when Carles Dangre's articles were published entitled "Bayonets Ersatz Allemandes".

During the early part of the war it appears that manufacturers of Ersatz bayonets were not supplied with a pattern with which to comply, but were only given the basic details of what was required. Therefore, each manufacturer made their own design of bayonet. If each factory was responsible for its own design, then it seems that some factories made two types, both with the same hilts, but having blades with and without fullers.

The numbers of each type of bayonet produced also varied considerably, depending on each manufacture's production capablilities. In the 1914 war as in all other wars, every facility for manufacturing weapons was used. It is know that in Germany some Ersatz bayonets were even made in railway repair depots. Germans do not use term Ersatz but ”Not Bajonets”. Ersatz bayonets are usually catalogued using numbers from Anthony EB's book "German Ersatz Bayonets."