2N Bayonet Collection


Marked Civil Guard -S-

Note "S" stamp for Civil Guard (Suojeluskunta). Frog is made by XXXXXX, since the smooth side of leather is up.

This M28 has correct frog (rough side up) and (very) green scabbard. This scabbard is painted over original black finish, which is visible under the frog. I think it is period painted, since it show wear and the bayonet is straight from Finnish Army storages.

Marked KE

"KE" stamp means inspected by Kosti Eskola

Modified scabbard

"KE" stamped M28. Scabbard has interesting period welded fixtures, used maybe in a vehicle. Note correct forest green color on scabbard.

M28 bayonets were manufactured for Suojeluskunta (Civil Guard) only by Hackman.