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#Movie TitleYearCountry
1)DVD 10662009Finland
2)Blu-ray 19442015Finland
3)DVD 3002007Finland
4)Blu-ray 300: Rise of an Empire2014Finland
5)DVD Ylioppilasrykmentti2010Sweden
6)DVD 84 Charlie Mopic1989Finland
7)DVD 9. Komppania2005Finland
8)Blu-ray Aces High1976United Kingdom
9)Blu-ray Act of Valor2012Finland
10)DVD Alamo2004Finland
11)DVD All Quiet on the Western Front1930United States
12)DVD All Quiet on the Western Front1979United Kingdom
13)Blu-ray American Sniper2015Finland
14)DVD Andy McNab's Tour Of Duty2008United Kingdom
15)Blu-ray Arn - Pohjoinen valtakunta2008Finland
16)DVD The Assault2010Finland
17)Blu-ray Assembly2007United Kingdom
18)DVD Atlantic War Film Collection 32010Finland
19)DVD Attack1956United Kingdom
20)DVD Bang-Rajan2000Sweden
21)DVD Battle for Haditha2007Finland
22)Blu-ray The Battle of Red Cliff2008Finland
23)DVD Battle of the Bulge1965United Kingdom
24)DVD Battleground1949United Kingdom
25)DVD The Beast1988United Kingdom
26)DVD Vihollisen keskellä2001Finland
27)DVD Vihollisen keskellä 2: Pahuuden akseli2006Finland
28)Blu-ray Beneath Hill 602010Sweden
29)DVD The Big Red One: The Reconstruction1980United Kingdom
30)Blu-ray Black Book2006United Kingdom
31)DVD Black Sails: The Complete Second Season2015Finland
32)DVD The Blue Max1966United Kingdom
33)DVD Sukellusvene U-961982Finland
34)DVD Das Boot1981United Kingdom
35)DVD Bravo Two Zero1999United Kingdom
36)DVD The Bridge1959United Kingdom
37)DVD The Bridge2008Finland
38)DVD Viimeinen silta yli Reinin1969Finland
39)DVD Kwai-joen silta1957Finland
40)DVD Yksi silta liikaa1977Finland
41)DVD Brotherhood of War2004Finland
42)DVD Bullet in the Head1990United Kingdom
43)DVD Uhka idästä2004Finland
44)DVD Casualties of War1989United Kingdom
45)DVD Centurion2010Finland
46)DVD El Cid1961Finland
47)DVD Come and See1985United Kingdom
48)Blu-ray Rautaristi1977Finland
49)DVD Pilviin piirretty - Dark blue world2001Finland
50)DVD Days of Glory2006United Kingdom
51)DVD Kauriinmetsästäjä1978Finland
52)DVD Likainen tusina1967Finland
53)DVD Pilvien sankarit1941Finland
54)DVD The Duellists1977United Kingdom
55)DVD Kotka2011Finland
56)DVD Escape from Sobibor1987Finland
57)Blu-ray Eternal Zero - Kamikazelentäjä2013Finland
58)DVD Etulinjan edessä2004Finland
59)DVD Farewell to the King1989Finland
60)DVD Flesh + Blood1985United Kingdom
61)DVD Paholaislentäjät1990Finland
62)DVD Flyboys2006Finland
63)DVD Führerns elit2004Sweden
64)Blu-ray Full Metal Jacket1987Finland
65)Blu-ray Fury2014Finland
66)DVD G.I. Jane1997Finland
67)DVD Gallipoli1981United Kingdom
68)DVD Generation Kill2008United Kingdom
69)DVD Gettysburg1993United States
70)DVD Glory1989Belgium
71)DVD Gods and Generals2002Sweden
72)Blu-ray Good Kill2014Sweden
73)DVD Grave of the Fireflies1988United Kingdom
74)DVD The Great Escape1963United Kingdom
75)DVD The Great Raid - Suuri pelastusoperaatio2005Finland
76)DVD The Green Berets1968United States
77)DVD Guadalcanal tiedottaa1943Finland
78)Blu-ray Hacksaw Ridge - Aseeton sotilas2016Finland
79)DVD Hamburger Hill1987United States
80)DVD Hamburger Hill1987Finland
81)DVD Hart's War2002Finland
82)Blu-ray The Hurt Locker2008Finland
83)DVD Hyökkäys Tyynellämerellä1951Finland
84)DVD Meri on kohtalomme1942Finland
85)DVD Isiemme liput2006Finland
86)DVD Isku Mogadishuun2001Finland
87)DVD Joyeux Noel - Päivä ilman sotaa2005Finland
88)Blu-ray Katyn2007Finland
89)DVD Kellys hjältar1970Sweden
90)Blu-ray Kingdom of Heaven2005Finland
91)DVD The Last Bullet1995United Kingdom
92)DVD Viimeinen Samurai2003Finland
93)DVD Kirjeitä Iwo Jimalta2006Finland
94)Blu-ray Lone Survivor2013Finland
95)Blu-ray Atlantin valli murtuu1962Finland
96)DVD The Lost Battalion2001Finland
97)DVD Lost Command1966United Kingdom
98)DVD The Mark of Cain2006Finland
99)DVD Master and Commander: Maailman laidalla2003Finland
100)DVD The McKenzie Break1970United States
Number of DVDs 166
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Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Year of Production: 2016
Running Time: 118 Minutes
Bought on 04.05.2017

(Release Date: 27.02.2017)
Longmire: The Complete Fourth Season

Year of Production: 2015
Running Time: 597 Minutes
Bought on 04.05.2017

(Release Date: 03.10.2016)
Longmire: The Complete Second Season

Year of Production: 2013
Running Time: 538 Minutes
Bought on 04.05.2017

(Release Date: 09.02.2015)
2-Disc Special Edition

Year of Production: 1979
Running Time: 119 Minutes
Bought on 02.05.2017

(Release Date: 29.05.2015)
Suicide Squad

Year of Production: 2016
Running Time: 123 Minutes
Bought on 02.05.2017

(Release Date: 05.12.2016)
All Quiet on the Western Front
100th Anniversary

Year of Production: 1930
Running Time: 133 Minutes
Bought on 02.05.2017

(Release Date: 22.02.2012)
Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Year of Production: 2013
Running Time: 76 Minutes
Bought on 29.04.2017

(Release Date: 02.12.2013)
Hell on Wheels: Season Five: Volume One

Year of Production: 2015
Running Time: 0 Minutes
Bought on 25.04.2017

(Release Date: 02.05.2016)
Utopia 1 & 2

Year of Production: 2014
Running Time: 619 Minutes
Bought on 24.04.2017

(Release Date: 18.07.2014)

Year of Production: 2016
Running Time: 116 Minutes
Bought on 20.04.2017

(Release Date: 17.04.2017)
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