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#Movie TitleYearCountry
1)Blu-ray 10 Cloverfield Lane2016Finland
2)DVD 10,000 BC2008Finland
3)DVD 10662009Finland
4)DVD The 10th Kingdom2000Finland
5)DVD The 13th Warrior1999Finland
6)DVD 1492 - paratiisin valloitus1992Finland
7)DVD 16 Blocks2006Finland
8)DVD 187 - koodi murhalle1997Finland
9)Blu-ray 19411979Finland
10)DVD 1941 - Anteeksi, missä on Hollywood?1979Finland
11)Blu-ray 19442015Finland
12)Blu-ray 2 Guns2013Finland
13)DVD 2001 Maniacs2005Finland
14)DVD 2001: Avaruusseikkailu1968Finland
15)DVD 2010: The Year We Make Contact1984United Kingdom
16)DVD 212008Finland
17)DVD 24: Season One2001Sweden
18)DVD 28 päivää myöhemmin2002Finland
19)DVD 28 viikkoa myöhemmin2007Finland
20)Blu-ray 30 Days of Night2007Finland
21)DVD 30 Minutes or Less2011Finland
22)DVD 30 Rock: Season 12006Finland
23)DVD 30 Rock: Season 22008Finland
24)DVD 30 Rock: Season 32008Finland
25)DVD 30 Rock: Season 42009Finland
26)DVD 30 Rock: Season 52010United Kingdom
27)DVD 30 Rock: Season 62012United Kingdom
28)DVD 30 Rock: Season 72012United Kingdom
29)DVD 3002007Finland
30)DVD Määränpäänä Graceland2001Finland
31)Blu-ray 300: Rise of an Empire2014Finland
32)DVD Klo 15:10 lähtö Yumaan2007Finland
33)DVD The 4400: The Complete First Season2004United Kingdom
34)DVD The 4400: The Second Season2005Finland
35)DVD The 4400: The Third Season2006United Kingdom
36)DVD The 4400: Tuotantokausi 42007Finland
37)DVD The 4th Man1983United States
38)DVD 6. päivä2000Finland
39)DVD Ylioppilasrykmentti2010Sweden
40)DVD 84 Charlie Mopic1989Finland
41)DVD 8MM1999Finland
42)Blu-ray 92009Finland
43)DVD 9. Komppania2005Finland
44)DVD A.I: Tekoäly2001Finland
45)DVD Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter2012Finland
46)DVD Abre los ojos - Avaa silmäsi1997Finland
47)DVD The Abyss - Syvyys1989Finland
48)Blu-ray Aces High1976United Kingdom
49)Blu-ray Act of Valor2012Finland
50)DVD Addams Family II1993Finland
51)DVD The Adventures of Baron Munchausen1988Finland
52)DVD The Adventures of Corto Maltese2002Finland
53)DVD The Adventures of Indiana Jones1981Finland
54)DVD The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit1927Finland
55)DVD Priscilla - aavikon kuningatar1994Finland
56)Blu-ray Tintin seikkailut: Yksisarvisen salaisuus2011Finland
57)DVD The African Queen1951United Kingdom
58)DVD Afro Samurai2007United Kingdom
59)DVD Agent Carter: The Complete Second Season2015United Kingdom
60)DVD Airplane!1980United Kingdom
61)DVD Akira1988United Kingdom
62)DVD Akseli ja Elina1970Finland
63)DVD Alamo2004Finland
64)DVD Kapteeni Alatriste2006Finland
65)DVD Albiino Alligaattori1996Finland
66)DVD Ali2001Finland
67)DVD Ali G in da USA2003Finland
68)DVD Ali G, Aiii2000Finland
69)DVD Ali G, innit2002Sweden
70)DVD Ali G: Indahouse2002United Kingdom
71)DVD Alias: The Complete First Series2001United Kingdom
72)DVD Alias: The Complete Second Series2002United Kingdom
73)DVD Alias: The Complete Third Season2003Denmark
74)DVD Alias: The Complete Fourth Season2004Finland
75)DVD Alias: The Complete Fifth Season2005Sweden
76)Blu-ray Alien Anthology1979United Kingdom
77)DVD Alien Nation1988United States
78)DVD Alien vs. Predator2004Sweden
79)DVD Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem2007Finland
80)Blu-ray All Quiet on the Western Front1930Finland
81)DVD All Quiet on the Western Front1979United Kingdom
82)DVD All Quiet on the Western Front1930United States
83)DVD Altered2006Finland
84)DVD Amadeus1984Finland
85)Blu-ray The Amazing Spider-Man2012Finland
86)DVD Ambush at Blood Pass1970United Kingdom
87)DVD American Beauty1999Finland
88)DVD American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson2016Finland
89)DVD American Dad!: Osa 12005Finland
90)DVD American Dad!: Volume 22005Finland
91)DVD American Dad!: Volume 32007United Kingdom
92)DVD American Dad!: Volume 42008United Kingdom
93)DVD American Dad!: Osa 52008Finland
94)DVD American Dad!: Volume 62009United Kingdom
95)DVD American Dad!: Volume 72010United Kingdom
96)DVD American Dad!: Volume 82012United Kingdom
97)DVD American Dad!: Volume 92012United Kingdom
98)DVD American Gangster2007Finland
99)DVD American Graffiti1973Finland
100)Blu-ray American History X1998Finland
Number of DVDs 2178
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Alias: The Complete Fifth Season: Episodes 1-8 (2005)
DVD42       Keep Case 1:1.78 Widescreen 16:9 Anamorph Dolby Digital 
Overview   Details   Cast & Crew  
Movie Information:
Year of Production:2005
Country of Origin:United States 
Running Time:0:00 hrs (0 minutes)
Rating:Från 15 år (Film)
DVD Information:
UPC:Disc ID: 403F-9ABE-E84A-1179
Profile Date:10.09.2012
Last Edited:21.03.2017
Regions:4, 2
Case Type:Keep Case
Media Companies:Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Collection Number:1940


Sydney regains consciousness only to learn that Vaughn is suspected of being a double agent and that their car crash was actually an extraction. Meanwhile in another location, Vaughn is interrogated by a man named Gurtis, who demands that Vaughn translate a code for him. After escaping his captors, Vaughn finds Sydney and confesses that his name is Andre Michaux, and that his father had been involved in a top-secret project known as Prophet Five.

Meanwhile, Sloane combs through medical journals in prison, trying to find a cure for the comatose Nadia. He tells Jack that a woman named Renee Rienne could help locate Vaughn. Sydney and Vaughn search for more information on Prophet Five, but not before tragedy strikes.


Sydney locates Renee Rienne, who helps her obtain the data necessary to find Vaughn's killers. She learns that the gunman, Ivan Gurtis, is setting up a meeting with Heimrich Roemer regarding a mysterious package. Sydney must go to Sloane for help, since he has worked with Roemer in the past. The APO team follows Curtis and learns that his plan is even stranger than they had originally thought.


The APO team receives surveillance footage of a female computer hacker breaking into a lab and stealing a deadly nerve agent known as Substance33. The woman is believed to be working for Gordon Dean. The team tracks the hacker to Prague to try and enlist her in the fight against Dean.


After infiltrating a casino and obtaining a laptop filled with needed data, Sydney is captured by Gordon Dean, who demands that Rachel be returned to him. Flashbacks show Rachel working with Sydney and the APO team in an attempt to access Dean's financial records. Sloane goes before a federal judge to team his fate.



Sloane asks to be reinstated in APO, but his request is blacked by a high-level government official. Sloane finds an ally in Gordon Dean, who advises him on how to get his job back. Renee Rienne steals a chemical from an army storage depot in order to resuscitate a body that has been cryogenically frozen. Syd and Tom arrive at Renee's loft to find that the revived man may have valuable information about Prophet Five.


Sloane reports to Dean that Rachel's family has been placed in the witness protection program. Dean makes it clear that Sloane should be prepared to kill them, then demands that Sloane find a Hungarian weapons designer named Janos Vak. Sloane tells the rest of the APO team that Vak can be used as bait to capture Dean, and Rachel is assigned the task of bringing him in.


Sloane receives bad news regarding Nadia' s recovery chances, leading him to confess to Jack and Sydney that he has been working with Dean. Sloane offers to bait Dean with the keycard that Dean has been demanding from him. Once Dean is in custody, however, Sloane finds himself under an entirely new influence.


The APO team learns that a Micropulse bomb explosion on a train in Siberia may directly lead to information about Prophet Five. Jack identifies the bomber as Lukas Basarov, who is attending a conference in Brazil where he will receive a transmission through his laptop. Rachel is sent to plant a bug in Basarov's computer. In the middle of the job, Rachel is interrupted by someone with the same agenda and a very familiar face.
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