The INSAS Rifle is a prime example of a weapon designed by committee, and consequently as such it's design has been changed countless times since it's first creation in the early 1990's.

Due to multiple delays in it's design the Indian military purchased countless other designs for use by their military, including the AKM (at least 100,000) from Romania. However by late 1997 some 30,000 copies had finally been produced and were beginning to be distributed amongst front line troops in the country and abroad.

The weapon is an amalgamation of the FN FAL, AR-15, AKM and H&K G-3 designs, although the weapon has retained the buttstock of the Lee-Enfield Number 1 Mark III. The receiver is made from sheet steel stampings, the bore and chamber are chrome plated to prevent build up of residue from normal day to day firing of the weapon. The weapon can be modified to use standard M-16 magazines, the INSAS can use rifle grenades and the weapon is available with either a fixed or para-stock folding model.